"I love the portrait Katija did of my daughter! She truly captured her essence and her love for blueberries. I love that Katija used dresses from special times in her life within the painting itself. As a mom, I want to preserve my daughter's memories but life gets so busy and my little girl is growing up so fast! I am so thankful to have this beautiful, imaginative heirloom to capture this magical time of her childhood. This painting gives us so much joy now as we talk about it each night and will continue to for years to come! Thank you Katija!"

"We just received the painting and oh man, you are AMAZING! The painting so captures her creativity, her kindness and her curiosity. It's so beautiful. We love the story and of course all the monkeys. She's so happy! Thank  you for all your hard work on this one. We love it! Thank you!"  

"It arrived and it's amazing!! I knew the concept was already awesome but the detail... it's truly perfect."

"We are just beyond thrilled with how it turned out. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us!"

"The paintings are amazing! I love the detail and that you incorporated each into the other's painting. Job very well done! We absolutely love them!!!!!"

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